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Parador Earns Three Flags

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This year Parador was proud to receive three flags:

  •  Two 5-Star Green Flags for Sanitary Quality (issued by the Costa Rican Institute of Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AYA), this rating system is similar to the U.S. Health Department’s lettered ranking structure which classifies eateries in the United States) and,


  • One Ecological Blue Flag (initiated in France in 1985, the Blue Flag Program was conceived to improve and monitor sustainable development at beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety.)

How did we do it?

  • Protecting 7 acres of secondary rainforest, preserving the many species of wildlife inhabiting our jungles, never feeding the animals, maintaining a natural balance on our environment.
  • The making of our own compost (fertilizer and insecticides for the gardens) using organic waste from the kitchen.
  • Energy and water saving programs (through ozone), and controlled water pressure system throughout the hotel.
  • Filtering and reusing water for irrigating the gardens.
  • Collecting and purifying rainwater for use in different areas.
  • Recycling program in all areas (aluminum, paper, glass, and plastic).
  • The Recycling of complimentary bath products and other amenities.
  • The use of 100% biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • The use of Certified biodegradable cleaning agents.
  • Providing an alternative use for materials or equipment once they have fulfilled their basic function, usually donating them to community groups or employees.
  • Participating in reforestation and community beach clean-up programs.

Sweet Seventeen Parador!

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It began with a remarkable piece of secluded cliff-side property in Costa Rica stretching from Quepos to Manuel Antonio National Park, the land blanketed with dense rainforest and blessed with stunning views of the Pacific. What followed was the vision of Dutchman Jan Schans, who in 1993 imagined a hotel that would respect this unique national setting, commit to protect it, and offer guests unparalleled service.

Mr. Schans’ dream became a reality when Parador Resort & Spa opened its doors on that slice of paradise with 56 rooms in 1994. It quickly emerged as one of the top luxury properties in the area which has, over the years, evolved into not only the largest full service resort in the area (with 129 rooms and suites), but also a tenacious leader in sustainable tourism and community service.

Today we proudly celebrate our 17th anniversary and continue to be a family-run business with more than a 170 loyal employees-many of whom have been with us for years, some since the beginning.


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Our Employee “We Share” Program supports and cares for our team, while our ongoing commitment to the environment has earned us the ICT’s (Costa Rican Tourist Board) top 5 Leaf Sustainability rating and the Ecological Blue Flag.

We’ve been a multiple World Travel Awards winner since 2004 and we are proud to announce our new Platinum Award 2011 “Leader in Sustainable Tourism,” presented by the HSMAI and National Geographic Traveler at the prestigious Adrian Awards 2011 gala event.

For a complete list of awards, click here.

Sweet Seventeen! Time marches on and so do we.

Thank you for sharing in our success and participating in our ongoing efforts to protect our planet!

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