As a responsible company, Parador Resort & Spa has designed protocols and applied mitigation measures to face COVID-19 in each of its departments, to follow and comply with the sanitary guidelines established by the Health Ministry due to the current pandemic.

Parador Resort & Spa understands the importance of strictly following all sanitary measures defined by our tourism sector as well as the Health Ministry of Costa Rica to reopen our doors and keep our guests, collaborators and suppliers safe.

It is our responsibility to offer peace of mind and safety to all our visitors, and for this we share our protocols.


  • Parador Resort & Spa is certified in Social, Environmental and Health Action, with the objective of providing a comfortable and safe visit to our region and of course, our property, for local and international visitors alike. We assure you our resort complies with all norms established by the Health Ministry during these pandemic times.
  • All Parador Resort & Spa personnel has participated in special training regarding appropriate health standards as related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This instruction included measures such as the correct use of masks, gloves, disinfection protocols, social distancing protocols and safe workplace practices.
  • Personnel has been trained to inform management in case there is anyone displaying health issues and to report any suspicious cases, with the goal of avoiding the propagation of infection.
  • We have an agreement with two private medical centers (Centro Médico Quepos and Línea Vital) which may be used by our collaborators and guests in case of symptoms. Additionally, the local hospital is 10 minutes away.
  • Parador Resort & Spa has a designated area in case any isolation is required, where we will house any person with suspicious COVID-19 symptoms, providing all attention necessary in coordination with the local health authority.
  • On site shops have personal protection equipment such as masks available for purchase by guests.
  • We request that you reserve the use of pools, spa, gym, kids room and recreational activities in advance, to effectively provide distancing and social bubbles within our resort.


  • Parador Resort & Spa informs clients of service conditions and established prevention measures for their acceptance prior to booking confirmation.
  • We encourage electronic forms of payment as well as contactless credit/debit card transactions.
  • Clients should not come on site if they present any virus symptoms such as cough, throat pain, fever or difficulty breathing.
  • Temperature checks are performed by personnel from Prevention Assistance and Customer Service for anyone entering Parador Resort & Spa.
  • Upon arrival for check-in process at the lobby, a staff member welcomes guests and guides them towards the sanitization zone so they may disinfect their shoes and hands.
  • Lobby area provides seven distinct separate spaces destined for social bubbles, offering a safe space for each group of guests.
  • The registration process at the front desk is done with the holder of the booking (one person at a time), while their social bubble awaits in their designated area.
  • The bellboy manipulates luggage using recommended protection and offers self-parking to minimize contact.
  • Golf carts are disinfected before and after every use.
  • We offer a covered welcome cocktail and a moist towel served with tongs upon arrival.
  • The front desk area is appropriately cleaned before assisting another guest.
  • Group check-in: our personnel boards the bus and reviews Parador Resort & Spa´s facilities and COVID-19 protocols, to minimize time spent at the front desk.


  • All personnel that assists inside guestrooms uses personal protection equipment.
  • We have ozone equipment for the sanitization and purification of the guestroom.
  • Disinfection is applied in areas more frequently manipulated: Light switches, door handles, TV remote controls, thermostats, curtains and chairs.
  • Digital directory is available by accessing a QR form.
  • When each room checks out completely all linens are removed, including clean items.
  • Room cleaning is performed when guests are not inside.
  • Our housekeeping personnel is trained to apply COVID-19 cleansing and disinfecting protocols inside the guestrooms.
  • Security seal is placed indicating to guest when their room has been completely disinfected.


  • Periodic disinfection of common areas.
  • We provide sanitization stations in different areas of the resort.
  • Footbaths are available for shoe disinfection in several common areas.
  • Ice delivery is provided in room when requested from Customer Service or Front Desk to avoid manipulation.



Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  • Breakfast Buffet option is available when there are more than 50 guests in house.
  • We provide hand sanitizer in every entryway, each guest applies it prior to entering.
  • Guests are advised what the protocols are for using the buffet service.
  • All our personnel at restaurants and bars always wear masks.
  • Each service station has protective screens.
  • Signage indicates social distancing requirements.
  • When operating at half capacity, our guests sit with the most distance possible, alternating tables. Restaurant configuration takes 50% occupancy into account.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected between each service.
  • Disinfection is constantly applied on holders at restaurant service stations and service areas.
  • Periodic cleaning is applied on points of sale equipment (computers, keyboards, mouse).
  • Reservations are required for breakfast and dinner, and suggested for lunch. This will allow us to properly prepare and attend to guests in the safest manner.
  • Table is set up for guests upon arrival.
  • Our menus are available in digital format through a QR code, and we provide physical menus if necessary, which are sanitized before and after each use.
  • Wait staff disinfect their hands every time they take an order and provide service or have contact with guests. We have a strict handwashing protocol for wait staff.
  • Wait staff allow 1,8m (6 feet) distance between them and they also try to maintain a prudent distance with guests.

Room Service

  • The wait staff use personal protective equipment while preparing utensils and meal.
  • Service utensils are always covered.
  • Dishes are covered with plastic and cloche.
  • Tray is delivered at guest door, and only if requested will order be delivered inside.
  • Trays are washed and disinfected after each use.


  • Reduced capacity of 50% is applied.
  • Bar personnel and wait staff wear masks at all times.
  • Distance recommended is applied with clients when placing orders.
  • We provide hand sanitizer in every entryway, each guest applies it prior to entering.
  • Bar is cleaned constantly with alcohol.
  • Scoops and drink preparation equipment is kept in disinfectant solution.
  • Our menus are available in digital format through a QR code, and we provide physical menus if necessary, which are sanitized before and after each use.
  • Trays are constantly disinfected.


  • Personnel washes their hands and disinfects shoes before entering kitchen.
  • Masks and gloves are worn always.
  • Social distancing is applied inside kitchen whenever possible.
  • Hands are washed and disinfected every hour.
  • Dishes and utensils are washed at recommended temperature to avoid any kind of contamination.


  • All our drivers wear masks always.
  • During the transportation of collaborators and clients we ensure they all wear masks.
  • We comply with all Public Transportation Council guidelines.
  • All our units visibly display Health Ministry protocols.
  • We offer hand sanitizer during the activity or tour.
  • Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected constantly both internally and externally.
  • All our units have hand sanitizer available for driver and passengers.
  • We disinfect our guests’ luggage before loading it on the vehicle.


  • Personnel always wear personal protective equipment.
  • We have a hand sanitizing station, for entry and departure from spa.
  • We provide a foot bath at the spa entrance to that clients may disinfect their shoes before entering.
  • Our menus are available in digital format through a QR code, and we provide physical menus if necessary, which are sanitized before and after each use.
  • Before and after every treatment (Massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, wrap, exfoliation) the therapist washes their hands.
  • Spa services are provided with a response time of 1 hour between them, to deeply clean and disinfect between each client.
  • Reservations are required for spa services and may be done at the front desk at any time.
  • Spa personnel ensure all social distancing is observed in the spa’s common areas.
  • Reception area constantly cleans all surfaces and items such as pens, phones, computer, keyboard and furniture with alcohol, after each client of after their use by any spa member.