Nama Sushi Experience at Parador

September 1, 2023
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生 Nama Sushi Lounge

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The Birth of a Culinary Gem

The vibrant heart of Costa Rica's culinary scene pulses stronger as Parador Nature Resort & Spa unveils its exquisite gem: the Nama Sushi Lounge. Immersed in the verdant surroundings of the resort, this sushi haven brings the rich bounty of the Pacific to the table.

Manuel Antonio National Park

A Sensory Sojourn

From the moment you step into Nama, the ambiance invites a sensory journey. Whether it's the soft murmur of the resort's natural surroundings or the artfully curated interiors, the lounge whispers promises of an unforgettable dining experience.

Culinary Mastery

Keep your things safe from the wildlife in Manuel Antonio

At the helm is Executive Chef Rodrigo Salazar. Renowned for his mastery in culinary arts and his affinity for innovative gastronomic experiences, Chef Rodrigo and his team have meticulously crafted a menu that is both traditional and avant-garde. Celebrating the bountiful offerings of the Pacific, each dish is a story, a reflection of the ocean's deep mysteries and the vibrant local culture.

An Evening with Snook

Keep your things safe from the wildlife in Manuel Antonio

One such narrative unfolds with a specially curated tasting menu featuring the delectable Snook (or Róbalo, as it's affectionately known in Spanish). The fish, a generous gift from a guest who had caught it during a sport fishing outing, was the evening's star. The first act was an impeccable Snook nigiri adorned with avocado cream and green apple caviar. As the evening progressed, each dish outdid the previous.

Desserts that Transcend Expectations

Yet, the grand finale was a true testament to Chef Rodrigo's genius. A dessert that wasn’t just a sweet ending but an ode to Costa Rican flavors: a heavenly coconut ginger mousse, enrobed in a tantalizing mango gel, accented with ethereal ribbons of coconut, and graced with a touch of gold.

Dessert at Parador Nature Resort & Spa

Costa Rica’s Gastronomic Renaissance

But Nama is more than just a restaurant. It's an emblem of the gastronomic renaissance that Costa Rica is witnessing. Chef Rodrigo, with his annual culinary pilgrimages to Spain, brings back global techniques and flavors, perfectly intertwining them with local treasures. In today's age, as over half the global travelers seek novel culinary experiences, Parador Nature Resort & Spa, with its newest sushi sanctuary, stands poised to redefine gastronomy in Central America.

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Your Culinary Adventure Awaits

The question is, are you ready to embark on this tantalizing journey?

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