Parador Nature Resort & Spa’s Naturalist Expert

August 24, 2023
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Discovering Nature's Secrets with Elías Mora:

Parador Nature Resort & Spa's Naturalist Expert

Growing up in the picturesque surroundings of Quepos, young Elías had one unwavering dream: becoming a guide. It was at the tender age of 14 that he approached the renowned ranger Don Javier, the stalwart protector of Manuel Antonio National Park. Eager to learn, Elías sought guidance and knowledge about the rich biodiversity of his homeland. Today, Elías epitomizes the passion for nature, guiding both locals and international visitors, ensuring they carry back memories that resonate for a lifetime.

Manuel Antonio National Park

From Grassroots to Grandeur

Every tome Elías devoured, every step he took with his mentor Don Javier, only fueled his ardor for nature. At just 16, he commenced his journey, offering tours spontaneously at the park's entrance. As the winds of change blew and the Ministry of Tourism introduced formal guide programs, Elías, with his unmatched proficiency, swiftly acquired his official credentials.

Journey with National Geographic

Keep your things safe from the wildlife in Manuel Antonio

A defining moment arrived when National Geographic sought an adept guide for their diverse tour groups. Where many hesitated, Elías perceived it as a golden opportunity, leading him to collaborate with naturalist experts worldwide. This platform enabled him to both impart and absorb knowledge, often guiding in various Costa Rican terrains.

Nature Through the Lens

Keep your things safe from the wildlife in Manuel Antonio

A guide's tools significantly enhance the overall experience. Elías commenced his journey with a humble pair of Minolta binoculars, transitioning to advanced equipment like the Swarovski telescope. Through this evolution, he unearthed a newfound passion – photography. The vivid hues of a bird, the intricate details on a sloth, or the vibrant splash of a grasshopper, all became vivid tales under Elías's lens. Stop by his facebook page for EMG Photography 

A Gem in Parador Nature Resort & Spa

The most prestigious resort in the Quepos-Manuel Antonio region, Parador Nature Resort & Spa, recognized Elías's brilliance. Returning to his roots, he's now an invaluable asset to the team, known for his meticulousness, warmth and knowledge. Elías emphasizes the uniqueness of each tour, ensuring every guest experiences the magic of the ever-changing rainforest.

Sloths hanging out at the Golfito Wildlife Refuge

Memorable Moments in Nature

Be it an uphill quest with a wheelchair-bound guest, marveling at the red macaw spectacle at Carara National Park, or presenting a special birdwatching book to an enthusiastic young birder, Elías's career is studded with touching memories. His commitment to sharing nature's wonders is palpable in every tour.

Sloths hanging out at the Golfito Wildlife Refuge

Embrace the Adventure with Elías at Parador

Staying at Parador Nature Resort & Spa promises a myriad  of nature explorations. The Manuel Antonio National Park remains a must-visit, as do the enchanting nighttime hikes along the Monkey Trails on the property. Join Elías and the rest of the Parador and Quepos Verde Aventura team for a transformative journey into nature's heart.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A: Quepos Verde Aventura is a reputable tour company offering a range of tours in and around Quepos and Manuel Antonio. They emphasize eco-friendly and immersive experiences, ensuring visitors connect deeply with nature.

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