World-class services and amenities, however, in no way take a back seat to environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to a “green” philosophy in all areas of our resort, educating and interacting with our staff, colleagues and guests on how to sustain the fragile eco-system we call home.

We abide by to the strictest codes of sustainable tourism and are constantly upgrading the benchmark by which we measure and manage our resort.

Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST)

Parador Resort & Spa is certified as sustainable by the Costa Rican Tourism Board reaching the highest level achievable (Elite) under their strict certification program. The certification for sustainable tourism is a process by which Costa Rican companies and organizations analyze their operations striving for efficiency, productivity, quality, environmental impact and customer satisfaction. It is a rigorous program that seeks to categorize and certify each tourism company per the degree to which its operations comply with a model of sustainability, established by the Costa Rican Tourism Board.

The program evaluates aspects related to sustainability management, quality of service, safety concerns and employee development, among others. It also encompasses criteria specific to socio-economic impact and support for community development.

Lastly, it evaluates the company´s management of water usage and water effluents, energy efficiency and clean energy usage, waste management, acquisition policies and contribution to biodiversity conservation. Additionally, carbon footprint mitigation, climate change adaptability policies, as well as the support of adjacent ecosystems and pollution contamination.

Blue Flag

Parador Resort & Spa has received the prestigious Ecological Blue Flag for several consecutive years for “Actions Against Climate Change,” achieving top scores.

Volunteers work in the areas of conservation and development, in accordance with the protection of natural resources, seeking to implement actions that mitigate climate change, and invite locals, participating company´s collaborators and guests and visitors to learn and enjoy their environment and wildlife through collaboration.


Code of Conduct

Parador subscribes to this code of conduct, and is committed to discouraging the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents as an axis of responsible and sustainable tourism, as well as social responsibility.

Climate Change

Parador Resort & Spa is aware of the importance of protecting the environment, which is why we have focused over the years on sustainable actions to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that has evolved on our planet. It prevents some of the sun’s heat the earth receives from leaving the atmosphere and returning to space, thus producing an effect similar to that observed in a greenhouse.

The increase in temperature affects natural phenomena such as winds, ocean currents, tropical storm formation and more, as well as the survival of life forms as we know them.

Climate change is a phenomenon that occurs naturally over the span of thousands of years of evolutionary history; however, Earth had never before encountered the human species. The current problem is precisely the human element, which is aggravating and accelerating climate change, spurring changes to happen within a few years instead of allowing them to occur naturally over a span of thousands of years. This is why the consequences of our lifestyle as we know it today can be truly disastrous.

For example, an increase of only two degrees in global temperature could have significant effects:

  • It would cause the extinction of the mollusks that live in the coral reefs and the coasts, which are a vital part of the food chain in these habitats.
  • It would affect the formation of coral reefs around the world. This marine life removes and recycles carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming, but the reefs are currently being oversaturated.
  • It would radically impact forests—the Amazon, in particular, which is the Earth’s principal “lung.”

This change of only two degrees on the surface would also trigger a series of events that would increase the effects of climate change exponentially, eventually reaching a point of no return with unprecedented consequences for humanity.

This is the main reason why Parador has focused from the start on concrete actions and responsibility for the environment, thus reducing its impact on climate change.

Parador has calculated its carbon footprint and has been implementing action plans to reduce it, creating actions and investments that have been developed to contribute to the reduction of global warming. For example, the hotel has invested in more efficient and environment-friendly equipment, which has significantly reduced power consumption—one of the factors with the greatest impact on our carbon footprint.

Some concrete actions that the hotel has been investing in for the long term include:

  • Gradual replacement of lights with energy efficient lighting.
  • Replacement and unification of cooling chambers in the kitchen with more efficient and environment-friendly systems.
  • Gradual shift in air conditioners with more efficient and environmentally-friendly cooling systems.
  • Change of the water-pumping system with a more efficient system.
  • Change of electric water heaters with more efficient gas units.
  • Significant improvements in all the electrical connections, the transformers and electrical systems, switching to more efficient systems.

As part of our commitment to protect the environment, we will continue to implement projects to reduce the impact of climate change. We urge you to learn more about the impact of global warming so, like us, you can take a step further to ensure a better future for this generation and those to come.

Through our We Share Program, we invite our guests to cooperate with a donation, which can be added to your room bill and goes towards assisting the following organizations:


Copaza is a non-profit group dedicated to providing employment and social opportunities with emphasis on at risk kids in the Quepos region of Costa Rica.

Through the implementation of cultural and sports programs and addressing employment and other public issues, Copaza works diligently towards creating and promoting a viable, self-sustaining and peaceful community.

PAWS is a non-profit animal welfare organization which provides services for cat and dog populations in Quepos.

Their volunteer team works on rescuing abandoned animals, neutering and spaying, tending to lesions or illnesses if present, preparing for adoption and more.

The objective is to facilitate human, material and intellectual resources necessary so that children and adolescents in Costa Rica who are in a limited life condition and or terminal, receive efficient and opportune care.


Pack for a Purpose 

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination.

If you make room in your suitcase for just 5 pounds (2.27 kilos) and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you´ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families.

The Quepos Football Club was created to train children in the sport, transmitting discipline and teamwork, and keeping them away from drugs. They offer spaces for socialization of children and young adults, impacting their physical and emotional wellbeing. Several participants in the school founded by Henry Acosta, who also serves as their coach, have had important careers in local football clubs.

Kids Saving the Rainforest, founded in 1999 by two 9-year-old girls, seeks to preserve, and protect the tropical jungle and its wildlife. Its range of action is Costa Rica´s Pacific, where they work in fauna rehabilitation, undergoing scientific research, training volunteers, and promoting conservation and reforestation.

The Sloth Institute is a non-profit organization in Manuel Antonio, Quepos. Its mission is to improve and promote sloths´ wellbeing through research of their behavior and habitat. Additionally, they reintroduce orphaned and injured sloths back into the wild, promoting education and preservation, Parador Nature Resort & Spa´s reserve is proud to have been chosen as a site where rehabilitated sloths are released back into their natural environment.