Families and children will enjoy many activities within Parador´s property such as exploring the trails, observing unique and curious wildlife, playing mini-golf, tennis, enjoying the family pool and more. The nighttime walking tour on property is especially recommended and involves the use of backlights! Our professional bilingual guides always take extra special care to focus time and attention with kids when they participate. These adventures are sure to leave long lasting, memorable and fun learning experiences.

Parador´s location between the Pacific Ocean and lush hills allows for a great variety of adventures in both land and sea. Parasailing or kayaking, horseback riding, zipping through canopies, water rafting, and sport fishing are only some of the activities you may enjoy while staying with us.

Our unmissable signature tours are:

Manuel Antonio National Park Walking Tour

One of the nation’s ecological gems and the second most visited nature reserve in Costa Rica; famed Manuel Antonio National Park is a “don’t miss” excursion while visiting our beautiful area. Led by our own professional certified naturalists, this is an easy and relaxing trek over well marked trails and white sand beaches that will introduce you to the varied flora and fauna of our rich rainforests.

Although many of the animals will be clearly visible (including squirrel, white face and howler monkeys, sloths, toucans and more), the guide is armed with a high-powered telescopic lens that will allow you to view resident wildlife obscured by the lush jungle.

Guided Nature Hike on Parador´s Nature Trails - Birdwatching

This two-hour guided nature tour takes you through ten acres of our own lush jungle trails. A certified professional bilingual guide will lead you through fertile secondary rainforest inhabited by a vast array of indigenous wildlife where you will likely encounter brilliantly-hued tropical birds (including toucans, parrots and macaws), our three-resident species of monkeys (Squirrel, white-face and howler), two and three-toed sloths, giant iguanas and other native reptiles. If lucky, you might also spot an elusive Margay (Caucel), a wildcat part of the puma family.

This is an extremely educational and enjoyable tour for the entire family. As one recent guest attested: “I´ve been traveling through Costa Rica for three weeks and have seen more wildlife in these few hours in one place than during my entire time in the rest of the country.”

“Mysteries of the Night” Jungle Walking Tour on Parador’s Trails

The mysteries of the jungle are unveiled at night and this post-sunset guided walking tour through Parador´s secondary rainforest provides guests with a great opportunity to experience the wondrous nocturnal world of our resident wildlife. Your guide, a certified naturalist, is armed with a telescopic lens and a fistful of knowledge, and sightings can include coatis, sloths, raccoons, skunks, porcupines, numerous species of reptiles and amphibians, and a plethora of curious insects (monkeys are generally not visible at night).

Particularly striking is the highly photogenic red-eyed frog, found only in Costa Rica´s rainforests and living right here on our grounds.

If lucky, a Margay (Caucel) or another of the elusive wildcats that lurk in the forest’s deep shadows might also be spotted. A perfect educational and light adventure outing for the entire family.

Two Wheeled “Tico” Village & Waterfall Tour

Enjoy a guided bicycle tour of the small rural town of Portalón about 30 minutes from Quepos. Visit the local school which has made huge sustainability efforts, and where much of community life revolves around. Stop at the “pulpería” which is the local convenience store, where residents meet daily to socialize and buy their groceries.

This visit will provide insight into rural life of local Costa Ricans. From here, ride to a waterfall for a swim, and a typical snack will be awaiting as you come out of the refreshing water. For those taking this tour in the afternoon we recommend completing the day with a visit to Matapalo Beach, just a 15-minute drive away, to watch the sunset.



Adventure into the unknown. Kids will love their encounters with wildlife, zipping through lush forests, and rafting down white water rivers.



Adrenaline awaits at every turn while exploring Costa Rica´s coastline and mountains.



How do we allow our flora and fauna to not just be sustainable but constantly regenerate? Be a part of our efforts



Experience memorable seafaring adventures out on the Pacific Ocean. Fishing, surfing, snorkeling or a tranquil sunset catamaran tour